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Dressing up is really an art and it could be mentally tasking. Legends in this
field are the couturiers like Balenciaga, the late Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo among others, although these people do more of dressing up others than they do themselves.

The art of dressing can be practised by anyone. You do not have to be in the big league to be a power dresser, for as long as you can decide what to wear for the day - outfits and accessories that coordinate stylishly and blend with the right type of the perfume; you are definitely an artist in this field.     

Fashion has affected our styles and tastes over the seasons and years as it is always a fleeting cycle, but it has equally made us dynamic and versatile in our dress sense. You always have that great feeling and sense of confidence that comes with good dressing once you are conscious of the fact, and you are free to exhibit it by a coy smile if you like and even a swagger. But as interesting and appealing as the art of dressing up might be, it could turn out a real disaster when not properly applied, just as a little more or a blot of ink on a canvas could ruin the desired effect.

The ultimate trick to a failsafe practice of the art of dressing up is to ‘own your look’, as clothing is a form of subliminal language and it is generally agreed that we express  ourselves best in a language we clearly understand and feel comfortable with.

So, next time you are dressing up for a party or just a casual outing, remember that the key thing is to make your look yours. You just need to wear what you feel comfortable in. If you need to accessorize don’t go for cheap looking ones. Always try to envisage beforehand what appearance you want to create, how it would fit your body type and most importantly how comfortable you would feel in your outfit. If you know for instance that you would not feel comfortable in a dress showing some cleavage, then wear something to cover up instead of trying to pull up your dress every time someone looks at you. Also take note that simplicity is the word. Even when your garment’s apparent look is complex, the final outcome when it is adorned must express simplicity .You could do this by adorning minimal jewelries/accessories, as you don’t want to appear as if you tried too hard.


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