Just 2 say Hi! to all my fans............ King  
Myth and Inuedo

Is Sasha going back on her words in “EMI MA

Myth and Inuedo
MUMA GEE’S most embarrassing moment was dished to her by boys in Khaki
Myth and Inuedo

Chris Tucker, the African-American Rush-Hour actor seems to have more than...

The R & B singer Joe has accused R.Kelly of stopping the air-play of his music...
Myth and Inuedo
pride pics  

Statistics: 34 26 35,
Turn off:  FAKE PEOPLE
Occupation:  STUDENT

AP Showcase
Fashion and Styles    
  Secret Of Woman's Hand Bag:
This century, more than ninety percent (90%) of woman out there feel uncomfortable walking without flaunting their hand bags
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Will You inform Dad if Mum
is caught nude with secret lover?

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depression   Parent's depression may harm children: When a parent suffers from depression, children are more likely to need costly health services like emergency room visits, and ...  

The race for the richest is in, who is who when it comes to real money, real doo as Nigerians call it, jump in here and see how it goes, with our amazing wealth report. Carlos Slim Helu (the world richest)

Green Memories
mohamed General Murtala Ramat Mohammed born (Nov 8, 1938–Feb 13, 1976) was a military ruler (Head of the Federal Military Government) of Nigeria
Samuel Peters remains world best with crystal record.
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